Good Vibes?

This article is fascinating.  I believe that these are great suggestions for staying positive.  Some of these things are items I have personally adopted to help me through seasons that are more challenging.  I've listed the items here and added my own reflections afterward.  You can look at more in depth information at the link below.

1. Admit when you don't feel well.
          --Don't ignore feelings.  They are here for a reason.  We have to pay attention to them
2. Treat meditation like you do a physical workout.
          --Quiet time of some time, to reflect, etc. is a good practice to keep us grounded.
3. When you have an unpleasant feeling, see whether it originated in your head or in your body.
          --Like #1, figuring out where the feeling is coming from is a great step towards having
             perspective and healing.
4. Compliment someone when you feel jealous of them.
          --Jealousy is a dangerous thing that causes division and makes those that might be   
             healthy for us the enemy.  We must learn to be grateful for what we have and not
             always focused on what we don't.
5. Make your objective to feel "at peace" rather than "happy".
          --Such a great tip! I know from my own life experiences that "happy" is temporary. 
             What's more important is that when storms come, do I have the fortitude to weather it
             and the peace and hope to trust that it will work out in the end.
6. Rather than just promising that you'll stop doing whatever habits stress you out, create alternatives for when the itch arises.
          --Finding new, healthy, coping strategies can make a big difference. 
7. Share something radically authentic.
          --Authenticity is the fabric of real, close, healthy relationships.
8. Assume persistent, irrational thoughts are cues that there's a feeling that needs to come up.
          --When I notice a pattern of negative thinking, it is a sign that something deeper may be
             going on.  Take some time to reflect and figure out what might be going on.
9. Do something you loved to do as a kid.
          --Connect to things that made us feel safe, secure, and loved.
10. Consciously decide to see people for what they are--not what they aren't.
          --There is a deep ravine between what "should be" and what "is".  The sooner we accept
             reality as it is, the sooner we can have some peace.
11. Go to sleep.
          --Sleep!  Enough said! 
12. Recite a mantra.
          --I have made a practice of adopting mantras over the past several years.  Sometimes its
             just a little saying, sometimes its a lyric to a song, but whatever it is, I recite it to myself
             when I need a pep talk, motivation, reminder, etc...
13. Practice letting yourself feel physically happy.
          --sometimes we do experience happiness, but we shove it away because we don't have
             time, we feel guilty about it, or a myriad of other reasons.  Let yourself enjoy moments!
14. Think of every single moment as an opportunity.
15. Plan something to look forward to.
          --And force yourself to go when the time comes and you don't want to go.
16. When something makes you very angry or upset, take a breath and say: "I'm really glad this was brought to my attention."
          --Allow yourself to learn from circumstances that are a challenge.