How We Love: What to do on the Holidays...

I'm a BIG fan of the Yerkovichs' book, How We Love.  It helped me a lot in a time when I was confused and conflicted and not communicating well.  Since reading it, it has changed my interactions with those close to me in a lot of ways.  I like to revisit these themes to check in on my progress as well as refresh my memory for when I'm helping others.

This week, I was teaching my life skills/ relationship class and someone's results had a reference to this blog post on "Tips for the Holidays".  If you haven't taken this quiz to see what style you fall under, then I would suggest doing that first!  Here's the link!  Then reference the blog post from the How We Love website.  SO GOOD!!!

I hope it will be as eye-opening and informative for you as it was for me!